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Diamonds and Luxury Jewelry by Stefere

Corina Larpin

She sees the world in a three-dimensional way, taking into account each angle, form and expression while exploring new destinations. Born with an acute sense of observation, Corina is sensitive to shapes and colors naturally, but never stops polishing her talent, shaping her own creative vision, and growing her drive to be bold and brave with her work. Motivated by a desire to break boundaries and redefine high jewelry, Corina took over Stéfère in 2009 with the belief that every piece of jewelry should be a work of art, that can be worn at any time of a day, instead of being exclusive for special occasions.

Jewelry design is not only her passion, but also her way of life ̶̶̶ traveling around the world to draw inspiration and source for gems and stones, working on yet another new project with creative minds, including famous designers, celebrity stylists and artists, and, always, focusing on social responsibilities and giving back, through working with various charities around the globe.

Besides her role in Stéfère, she is also a wife, a mother and an avid philanthropist. Recognized for her commitment in community work, she was awarded Women of Hope 2018 as one of Hong Kong’s most influential female entrepreneur.

Doina Mihaila

Doina is Corina’s sister and Stéfère Director and U.S. partner. Prior to joining Stéfère in 2018 she made a career in events planning, model management and fashion. These experiences prepared her to take on a strategic role in the company. Doina forecasts what the brand needs for healthy growth in the US market, and determines how product will be allocated to our retail locations. Lately, she is getting involved in the creation of jewelry pieces alongside Corina, as well as a lot of charity work. Despite that much of her time is occupied by the jewelry business, she finds time to design her own line of exotic skins jackets, which are available by order only. Her fashion-forward attitude and honest opinion makes her the best art critic of her sister’s designs. She now resides in Miami and extensively travels around the country.

Diamonds and Luxury Jewelry by Stefere

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