May, 2019 – Met Gala – The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, USA

Cardi B on Her Second Fashion Nova Collection and Life Lessons She Wants to Teach Kulture

Cardi B

Stefere Custom Ruby Nipple Covers


What else do you want to teach her about fashion?

The first lesson I want her to know is don’t be too extra. Less is more, you know? Elegance takes it all, every time. You can never go wrong with elegance. I want her to learn that the most.

Your Met Gala look was very elegant. Does its designer, Thom Browne, know you design for Fashion Nova? Has he seen any of your pieces?

Thank you! You know, Thom Browne, my friend told me he’s a Libra. And that’s why he’s very shy! I really didn’t want to interrupt him during [Met Gala fittings] because it was such an intense amount of work, you know? So I’m not sure he knows I have a [Fashion Nova] collection, but he knows my body shape exactly. [Laughing.]

And you wore half a million dollar ruby nipples. Did they make it home safely at the end of the night?

They go back to Stefere [jewelers], unless Thom Browne wanted to keep them – I don’t know!

Your first film, Hustlers, comes out this Fall. Do you get to wear Fashion Nova in it?

No, I had to wear straight-up stripper outfits for it—all of us did! I didn’t get to wear anything that nice. But you know, it turned out that I only got to be in the movie for one day of shooting, because my schedule is so crazy overbooked. My life right now? It’s crazy. And on the day I shot Hustlers, I performed and then I had to take a flight straight to Iowa. And then tonight, like right after this? I fly to L.A. My body is so tired right now, it can’t do anything.

Source: Elle

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