February, 2024 – Los Angeles, USA

Stéfère Jewelry Launches Fresh Takes on Popular Snake Collection

Stefere Jewelry


Picture: Dana & Stephane MAITEC

Jewelry brand Stéfère has announced new additions to its popular Snake Collection, which includes famed designs previously featured on Vogue Portugal and Taylor Swift’s recent concert poster. The iconic serpent motif is now boldly iterated in the form of drop earrings, exploring colors, gold variations, movement and textures made possible by new bezel-setting technology.

Thanks to the articulated mechanism developed for this line, the skillfully created earrings gently swing with the wearer’s every movement. Taking cues from the animal’s natural rhythms and fluidity, the tail part is composed of a line of jewels interlinked in a redefined illusion bezel setting. Each piece of hand-picked gemstone is framed with a continuous rim of gold and then joined together by hidden hooks. Although visually the sparkly dots are mounted upon one other tightly, the precision in craftmanship allows them to be incredibly flexible.

Snake motifs are one of the earliest historical and culturally diverse mythological symbols, representing a host of meanings in different countries and civilizations. Corina Larpin, the designer and director of Stéfère, constantly works on expanding the Snake Collection, taking inspiration from everywhere she travels.

Larpin has led Stéfère into the world of e-commerce in the previous years, launching her butterfly collection on SaksFifthAvenue.com in 2020 and a selection of bold colors on BergdorfGoodman.com in 2021. Currently, the distinctive creations of Stéfère are also offered at Farfetch and Maxfield LA.

Larpin and Stéfère have been designing collections that blend classic yet contemporary pieces with rock and glamour elements since 2006. The brand has paved its way to make a presence on magazine covers, at prominent red-carpet events and in some of the highest-profile stores in the world. The brand is trending among A-list celebrities and Hollywood stars, including Madonna, Lady Gaga, Beyoncé, Adele, Cher, Janet Jackson, Khloe Kardashian, Taylor Swift and many more.

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