May, 2019 – Met Gala – The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, USA

Vogue: Watch Cardi B Get Dressed for the Met With “Half a Million Dollars’ Worth of Nipples”

Stefere Custom Ruby Nipple Covers


Ahead of last night’s Met Gala, designer Thom Browne spoke to Vogue about the custom dress he had created for Cardi B’s second time at the event. “This look for me is a piece of tulle sculpture,” he said of the anatomical, down-filled crimson gown he delivered for her walk on this year’s pink carpet. “I made this specifically for Cardi because she has the ultimate beauty in a woman’s body,” Browne added. “That is what the dress is about for me—taking advantage of that beauty.” It was camp-appropriate, Browne also noted, “because camp for me is taking things to the extreme. The idea of camp fashion is the security in taking risks and the freedom to express ideas in a confident, extreme way.”

Part of Browne’s interpretation involved the outline of breasts and nipples, on the bodice of the dress, which were embellished with real rubies, courtesy of Stefere Jewelry. While getting ready at the Loews Regency, Cardi B and her stylist Kollin Carter remarked on the extravagant detail: “Half a million dollars’ worth of nipples!” Cardi said excitedly, before taking a moment to FaceTime her sister Hennessy Carolina. To Cardi, Thom Browne “is the definition of camp.” “I wanted to do something exaggerated but not costume,” she said, just before putting on her piece of couture, which took 35 people and more than 2,000 hours to craft. Every bead and crystal was hand-embroidered, as were the 30,000 burned and dyed coque feathers that lined her train. As for accessories, Cardi chose Thom Browne brogue platforms and a crystal-encrusted headpiece made in collaboration with milliner Stephen Jones.

After Cardi watched some of the livestream from the red carpet, remarking on how camp and “cute” everyone looked, she and her team stood in a circle and said a quick prayer before heading out to the museum. In front of the cameras, in her custom Thom Browne look, Cardi B was the definition of a camp power woman. Above, watch how she made it from the dressing room to the red carpet, ruby nipples and all.

Source: Vogue

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